Finished houses!

I've finally put all my house blocks together into one cute little town. I quilted everything by hand and it took forever. And while I totally love the look hand quilting gives, I think I'll wait a while before starting another project like this... for a bit at least.

I used fabric scraps from bigger projects, and used some pearl cotton thread as well as regular thread.


mini quilts

I've been in a sewing mood lately, and I had a bunch of scraps from a quilt top that is waiting to be quilted that were just too cute to throw out. These are approximately 4" square.

Ghost house

I've been reading murder mysteries on the bus and drawing winter forests at work. 

more houses

This has been my big brother project, so I don't go totally brain dead when I'm watching it. And since it's on 3 times a week, I've been getting quite a big done.

Another little house

This is actually the third house block I've done.  I need to finish up the first one, I got distracted by all the possible houses I could make!

This one has little flags, and I love them.  I'm liking them so much I might have to add them to all my future houses

house quilt block

So I started a new quilt of mini house blocks.  The blocks are about 7 inches, with the house being about 3.5 inches.  I haven't decided how big the quilt will be, or if I'm even going to put the quilt blocks together, but for right now I'm having fun making these cute little houses.

cottage painting

The cottage is the perfect place to do some quick studies.  I did this in the afternoon, still going to fix up the house, but I'm happy with it.  Here's a couple photos.

Knit group

Here's some knit group posters I did for the groups that meet in the library in Port Elgin and  Southampton.  Knit in the area? Swing on by!

Lets run away

First real couple of hot summer days here.  I forgot how suffocating the city is in the summer.

8 x 8 acrylic on wood board

tree house!

Lots of things have been happening, some exciting, some less exciting, but I havent had very much time for painting, or updating.

All the time I have had to do things have been surrounding the idea of tree houses, and homes. I'm making a wicked twig with trees that I posted a picture of over on twitter.  Here's the little (4"x4") painting I did tonight though.  I did the stairs/ladder with an awl.  So. Tiny.

I post some random things that I'm working onto twitter, or if you just want to say hi over there too, that's okay :)

Happening now

I made a cover for my planner, but my printer has been acting weird so I haven't been able to assemble it yet, but I'm so excited about the cover I just had to share.

I love the "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast, and this quote if from Episode 4: PTA meeting.

Ink, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

sunshine postcards

It's February.  It was so nice out one day (only -4) and it was sunny and beautiful, but then it got gross out.  So I made some postcards.

Watercolour and Ink hand drawn text and pattern on watercolour paper

Don't forget!

I am usually racking my brains in the morning trying to remember what I have forgotten.  So I made a handy dandy painting to remind me.

Music, money, keys, phone. Watercolour, and ink on wood canvas. 12" x 12"

Random pictures!

I made a new purse.  I'm totally addicted to yellow and black.

I also drew a house.  I'm going to make a sculpture based on it.

The snow banks are a little tall at my parents house.  My sister is not that tall, but the snow banks are ridiculous heights (that's me standing on top of the snowbank)

Cottage painting

I have never been very fond of acrylic painting, but since I have officially finished school, I have finished 2 massive acrylic paintings in record time.  I think allowing myself to have a bigger area to paint has made my paintings that much better.  This is a painting I did at my cottage, which I think turned out pretty well for having a constantly changing subject matter! 

The final painting is 36" x 36" and has sold.

I came back!

Alright, I know its been a while, but I came back! Holidays were crazy, I got a 9 - 5 job, internet busted for a while, and making things for people makes it difficult to put things up pictures where they might see them. So lets start with the gifts! (because I have been buuusy!!!)

So I made quilts for my dad, mom, and sister for christmas - a large undertaking.  I totally improved my dad's (left) and my sisters (right).  I based my mom's quilt (middle) off of a wall hanging sized quilt from Elizabeth Hartman's Craftsy class: Inspired Modern Quilts.  It's based off the orange quilt, and done with applique.  I finished all the quilts with an envelope binding and lots of safety pins, which I had never done before, but now after doing three it wasn't that difficult. 

I really enjoyed doing the quilts, and I have more improved quilts stirring around in my head for when I get some time! (I'm rooting for a snow day).

Happy Birthday!

I've been sewing lately, and I have been ending up with a lot of scraps, so when it was time to make my cousin a birthday card, I saw the letter fabric scraps and couldn't resist making the cutest little flags.

hatching pattern

I have been trying to figure out a new pattern with crosshatching.  It is tricky to try and get the hatching to be seamlessly repeated but I am enjoying the challenge.  This pattern will hopefully grow up to be a dress, but here it is now: